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Jun 20, 2020

Important lessons for parents raising children:  Don’t take it personal! Be aware of your own emotional responses to what your children are saying and expressing. Kids can be very volatile, so set aside some of your own emotions and reactivity. Take a breath and try to hear the emotional output behind what they are saying and try to meet that emotional need. 


Nature vs Nurture in Mental Health:

Our best understanding is that nature gives us a series of switches of possible traits to be turned on or off by the way our environment turns out. To some extent, it has a lot to do with what is baked into your genes and there are environmental switches that turn it off or on.  You are not your circumstances, you are a spirit within a certain casing with tendencies.


Major Aha moment:

Morgan recognized that she was holding on to specifically wanting to kill herself as a way of signaling to others, especially her parents….as a way to show…….”Hey…..I’m in pain here.” Getting them to understand that something is wrong here, and getting them to take that seriously and understanding her pain was valid was so important.  And she finally realized that the pain that she was holding on to prove and to validate her feelings to someone else…..was no longer in service of her highest and best good, and she is holding onto these wounds to prove something to someone who isn’t me and not choosing something that is in her best interest.


Take a risk….get comfortable making yourself uncomfortable.  When you open yourself up and you aren’t filling your life with things that make you miserable, you might be surprised with what you find.