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Jun 20, 2020

Shilpa talks about overcoming sexual abuse at a very young age at the hands of her uncle that was swept under the rug by her family to save the family embarrassment from a very culturally repressive Indian American culture.  She talks about the lessons that she learned after overcoming a suicide attempt and her path to finally finding peace and happiness. 


Molested by her uncle at 8 years old almost committed suicide. 

Important principals of raising kids:

Importance of teaching how to express emotions. Communication is the key to everything.  If kids aren’t finding out from you, they are finding out from somewhere. 

You will never find happiness by trying to be being something that somebody else wants you to be if it’s not what you want to be as well. 

You can build confidence by doing and by surrounding yourself with people that lift you up.  Even if you fail at something, they aren’t truly failures if you are able to frame your failures as lessons. 

There is zero correlation between confidence and what you see when you look in the mirror.  Confidence has to be built from the inside out.  

Whatever struggle you are facing, don’t try to do it alone.  Reach out to family, reach out to friends, find a therapist, or find a community of people who have faced or are currently facing the same struggle you are going through. 

Book Recommendation

Love Without Condition by Paul Freeny

If you can heal the relationship with yourself you can heal your relationship with others and really change your life.

In times of adversity, it can be hard to see past it, but if you can reframe the adversity as a lesson, life will get better but it totally up to you to choose how you perceive it.